Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Ruined Collegian Letter

The Collegian printed my letter about Occupy Penn State--the first positive letter they've printed about the Occupations yet.  And as typical of the Collegian, they edited it to make me look like an idiot.  I wrote it in three paragraphs, they decided to break it up into eight.  Eight.  Seriously?  This is my letter in to original format:

As an alumni and veteran of Penn State’s activism community, I felt proud and inspired by Occupy Penn State actions. In a 2008 article in the Journal of Higher Education, Graham Spanier called activism at Penn State “dead” — a statement that is continuously becoming further from the truth as new groups like Spark! and Coalition for Affordable Education take their torch and try to improve the Penn State community.

The Occupy movement is not just a protest. It is a building of an informed community and a collation of the willing to plan direct actions focused at igniting specific changes. Often these changes are locally focused. Occupy Penn State’s goals, lowering tuition, creating a more transparent budget and generating more student representation in UPUA, are issues that affect all students at Penn State.

These changes are not easy to intact, and it will take a lot of smart heads to figure out how best approach these problems. But that doesn’t mean we should let the media spin-doctors or anyone else tell us that it can’t be done. Hard doesn’t mean impossible. At Penn State, we are the 99 percent, and we should all have a voice.


And here is the version printed in the Collegian.  I feel like their paragraph breaks remove a lot of the connections I was trying to make.  Also, I don't even know why they give the option of writing your own title since they've always write their own anyway.

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