Saturday, November 5, 2011

100 words: Music

We've been doing these 100 word homework assignments for my nonfiction class.  The prompt for this one was music.  I had to revise it because I really screwed up the tenses, possibly because I first wrote it on the bus going down to Occupy Pittsburgh.

We sprint up. The sound of guitars warming up echos in the stairwell. Three girls who are running down stop us, smear paint on our faces—neon pink warpaint that glows under the blacklights inside. 

The singer howls into the mike, voice shaking with pain. In his white clothes, he becomes a chameleon changing under the lights. With yellow and green, scales grow up his neck.  My body is flung from side to side in the pit. Finally, thrust to the foot of the stage. The synthesizer moan and the lights change to blue and red. The singer turns to Satan.

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