Friday, November 4, 2011

Pittsburgh River Visit

Went to the southside today to take photos of the river.  When I crossed over the bridge, the Monongahela looked seafoam green, unlike the Allegheny, which always looks silver or slate blue.  I went to Riverfront Park, which was my first time getting down and dirty with the river.  I stuck my finger in it because I wanted to touch it, even though there were signs that said the river is used for sewer overflow.  I considered tasting it, but the signs convinced me it was a bad idea.  Living in Pittsburgh has given me this unhealthy fascination with rivers.

When I was finishing up my shoot, a coal barge approached.  Nothing is more Pittsburgh than a coal barge on the Monongahela.  I snapped more photos.  After the barge passed, the river's character changed.  Waves formed in the wake of the barge, suddenly rolling against the rocks, tearing away the leaves caught between stones.

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