Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Budgeting Tips from the 1%

My article, "Budgeting Tips from the 1%," is up at Defenestration Magazine. It features important, everyday life hacks, such as:
Buy Reusable Diamonds
Before I learned this trick, I was going through 12, 15 carats a day! You may spend an extra two or three grand finding diamonds that you can bear to be seen in day after day, but it is definitely worth the investment.
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rejected Everyday Feminism Articles

Shortly after the kerfuffle over Everyday Feminism's food insecurity article, my friend Keith and I discovered 10 rejected Everyday Feminism pitches.

  • Meet 4 Bankers Who are Queering Foreclosures 
  • 5 Empowering Ways to Cross Picket Lines 
  • 9 Ways to Respect the Gender Identity of the Serfs Who Til Your Estate 
  • This Comic Perfectly Explains How 'Right to Work Laws' Respect Bodily Autonomy 
  • So What if Scissor Bill Didn't Join the Union? Here's Why Scab-Shamming is Never Feminist
  • Not In My Back Yard: Why It's Triggering to Have Low-Income Housing Near My McMansion
  • What Losing My Wallet Taught Me About Classism 
  • 6 Ways Subprime Lending Empowers Women of Color 
  • 29 Steps to Emotional Supporting Your Serfs During Famine 
  • Here it is: The Ultimate Guide to Intersectional CEO Bonuses

Bonus: Want to End Class-Based Oppression? Here's a List of 187 Words to Never Say Around the Financially-Challenged

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