Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why I'm Afraid of Talking About Politics

I said in my last post that I don't want to talk a lot about politics on this blog. This more than anything is based on fear: fear that having public political opinions could affect my career or friendships, fear of being mobbed on the internet, as well as a general fear I have expressing myself. But I also believe that part of the reason we are in this mess is because people like me do stay quiet. If people who care what other's think of them don't speak, the only people left to speak are sociopaths. This feeds SJW culture, which has been allowed to spread its anti-free expression, anti-coalition building agenda with little repudiation from classical liberals, as well as the perception that all Trump voters are all the aggressive white supremacist that troll internet comments.

A lot of my closest friends have told me that I have a perspective they think more people need to hear. They appreciate the connections I make between events any my insights on contemporary culture. But as someone who has struggled with social anxiety most of my life, I'm also always terrified to express my ideas around people I don't know well.

I want to be bolder at expressing my opinions in public, and I think I am working on it. Right now, blogging about politics doesn't seem like the format for me. The moment you write something down, you make it harder to change your opinion later. I wouldn't want to have a hastily made opinion come back to haunt me. Having real dialogue with real people is my goal.

On a side note, I want to bring back this brilliant Bush-era political meme. Though there are a few items that are outdated (see if you can spot the Katrina reference), I think it touches on a lot of the things relevant this election.

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