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"Punk Serenade," Dogzplot: Forthcoming
"Alone in this Fair Garden," The Copperfield Review: Summer 2015 (read online)
"The Storm," Main Street Rag: Summer 2015 (buy the issue)
"Ye Sons of Toil," Everyday Fiction: June 2014 (read online)
"Being Here," The Rusty Nail: June 2013 (buy the issue)
"Tough Guy," Prime Number Magazine: November 2012 (read online)
"The Waitress," Hard Freight: Spring 2008 (read online)


"Cinderella's Brother," The Good Men Project: March 2014 (read online)
Three Poems, The SN Review: Summer 2009

Humor and Miscellaneous

"Budgeting Tips from the 1%," Defenestration: September 2016 (read online)

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